How AeroBarrier Works

Learn how AeroBarrier, a new and innovative air sealing technology, works to reach any level of air tightness, worry-free. Never stress about failing a blower door test!

AeroBarrier is a self-guided atomized air sealing system.

Our water-based, non-toxic, sealant is pumped into the structure to individual spray heads where the sealant is mixed with compressed air to create a fog.

The structure is then pressurized to distribute the sealant particles throughout the structure. Using the very air that is leaking, the sealant particles will seal gaps from the width of a human hair to 1/2″, whether visible or not.

The system measures the envelope leakage in real time, enabling the system to dial in specific requirements for air leakage and guarantees the results.

What Does An AeroBarrier Seal Look Like?

Whether its brick, sheathing, sub-floor, blue-board, or electrical boxes, AeroBarrier can seal it. Below are some examples of the air leaks we have sealed. To see more projects we have sealed with AeroBarrier, check out our Instagram page!

Sealed brick
Sealed OSB
Sealed drywall
Sealed electrical box

100% Guaranteed Air Sealing In 4 Easy Steps

AeroBarrier Prep


Prep & Set Up

Prep the area by covering any openings that won’t be sealed. This includes taping or covering any designed openings or finished horizontal surfaces within the space. Emitters are then set up throughout the area to be air sealed.

AeroBarrier Pressurize


Pressurize & Apply

Using a blower door, the space is pressurized. After that, a computer controls the entire process including the temperature, pressure, humidity, and distribution of sealant within sealant within the space during the process.

AeroBarrier seal


Seal & Monitor

With the AeroBarrier process, you see results in real time. You have complete control over your desired level of air tightness and can achieve any level required. At the end of the process, a final blower door test is run to verify the air sealing results.



Clean Up

After the air sealing is complete, work can resume in the space within 30 minutes. At that time, clean up of all equipment and removal of all tape and coverings can occur.

If you are interested using AeroBarrier on your next project, please call our office at 1-800-916-5895 or contact us online.