The Benefits of AeroBarrier

Air sealing your home with AeroBarrier has many benefits. It’s a safe and cost-effective way to improve durability, cut heating/cooling costs, increase overall comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment.  In multi-family buildings, air-sealing minimizes noise and the migration of smoke and odors which effectively compartmentalizes the individual units.

Reduces Build Costs

AeroBarrier allows you to streamline the air sealing process by removing the labor inconsistencies of time and quality.

Every trade can impact the air tightness of a home; its not just the responsibility of the framer, insulator, and drywaller. With so many people having an effect on the air barrier, it can be a challenge to manage the integrity of the air barrier during construction. 

AeroBarrier shoulders the largest responsibility for air sealing your project which allows you to eliminate miscommunications and scope assumptions from your subcontractors.

AeroBarrier not only reduces labor costs on the front end, it removes costly rework on the back end, removes the cost of additional compliance attempts and the worry of holding costs for not meeting deadlines.

Reduce build costs

True R Value

Get a True R-Value

Get more out of your fiberglass or spray foam insulation. Removing air leakage allows insulation to perform as it was designed.

Right size mechanicals

Right Size Mechanical

A tightly sealed home allows a smaller HVAC system and ductwork. A reduction of just 0.5 tons can save you more than $800.

Enhance renewables

Enhance Renewables

Reducing energy demand reduces the amount of solar panels required to offset utility bills. The average cost of a single solar panel is $535.

Code compliance ease

Allows Builders to Meet Energy Code Compliance With Ease

Aerobarrier makes meeting requirements – such as 2018/2021 IECC, Stretch Code, LEED, Energy Star®, Net Zero or Passive House – more practical and affordable than ever before, all with guaranteed results.

The increasingly stringent code changes in Massachusetts present many obstacles to a builder’s construction process. Learning new techniques, hiring additional support, adding new products to the build and increasing labor time can become costly to a builder’s operations.

• AeroBarrier easily integrates into any build process and removes the need for hiring additional labor to meet the new air sealing demands

• AeroBarrier allows builders to perform more efficiently than before and future-proofs build process against future code changes

AeroBarrier high performance

Every Builder Can Be a
High-Performance Builder

For production builders looking to exceed the 2018/2021 IECC or Stretch Code, AeroBarrier is the first and only plug-n-play solution to meet any air sealing requirement. This allows every builder that aspires to take their builds a step above the minimum energy code the ability to add these increased levels of performance to every build. As the expectation of healthy, energy efficient homes increases, providing these additional levels of performance open up different market opportunities and profit potential with developers and communities.

For current high-performance builders that are constantly looking to improve, AeroBarrier is the answer. Even though many high-performance builders have figured out a method to achieving various energy requirements via hand sealing, there is always room for improvement. AeroBarrier has been shown to drastically reduce labor time while completely removing the possibility of a failed blower door test and costly re-testing fees.

Aerobarrier results
The software identifies before and after air leakage, a percentage reduction in air leakage, and an illustration of how the air leakage changed over the course of time.

The Results Are Measurable

AeroBarrier integrates with industry leading testing equipment, allowing you to track results in real time.

AeroBarrier’s measurable results remove the guesswork and headache of uncertainty when it comes to meeting any air sealing requirement. The system updates every 60 seconds and tracks in both ACH50 and CFM to accommodate the different air requirements, removing your need for any further calculations.

AeroBarrier greenguard

The Sealant is Safe and Durable

AeroBarrier is GreenGuard Gold certified with Ultra-low VOC content and no off-gassing. Work can resume in the home within 30 minutes.

The X1 sealant achieves durability performance in 3 key areas: flexing, aging, and compatibility in tests simulating 50 years of service.

AeroBarrier is UL Listed and approved as an air barrier for all L500, M500, P500, U300, V300, and W300 series assemblies.

Flame Spread – 0 / Smoke Developed Index – 0

If you are interested using AeroBarrier on your next project, please call our office at 1-800-916-5895 or contact us online.