100% Guaranteed Air Sealing With AeroBarrier

New England Air Barrier offers builders, developers, and architects a new and innovative air sealing technology that allows them to reach any level of air tightness, worry-free.

AeroBarrier is an interior applied air sealing system that simultaneously measures and seals all building envelope leaks up to 1/2″ allowing builders to “dial in” the precise level of leakage and performance quickly and easily. It makes it easy and economical for builders to improve the performance of their homes and meet energy code requirements more consistently and cost-effectively than traditional envelope sealing methods. Never worry about failing a blower door test!

Eliminates guesswork


2018/2021 IECC • Stretch Code • LEED • Energy Star® •
Net Zero Ready • Passive House

AeroBarrier delivers consistent and guaranteed results that allows your construction schedule to maintain its course. It also makes it possible to:

• Air seal in a 1/3 of the time when compared to manual/traditional sealing

• Remove the cost of additional compliance attempts and the worry of holding costs for not meeting deadlines

• Eliminate miscommunications and scope assumptions from your subcontractors


Aerobarrier is cost effective


Meet and verify air tightness requirements in real time, avoid guesswork, and save on time, material, and labor. Guaranteed results translate into compliance certainty.

AeroBarrier is fast

Fast & Easy to Apply

From start to finish, the air sealing process can take 5-6 hours. In new construction applications, prep and clean up time is minimal – typically taking less than an hour.

AeroBarrier is measurable

Measurable Results

The software shows results in real time. By incorporating a blower door, the system is able to dial in your desired leakage. It’s that easy and verified upon completion.

AeroBarrier is safe


The sealant is GreenGuard Gold certified with Ultra-low VOC content and no off-gassing. Work can resume in the home within 30 minutes.

AeroBarrier meets any requirement

Meet Any Requirement

AeroBarrier can guarantee any level of envelope tightness, from 3 ACH50 to the Passive House standard of 0.6 ACH50.

AeroBarrier is durable


In tests simulating 50 years of service, the sealant achieves durability performance in 3 key areas: flexing, aging, and compatibility.

Versatile Applications


AeroBarrier is transforming the way residential, multi-family and commercial builders seal the envelope. If it can be pressurized, it can be sealed!

The air sealing technology is effectively used in both single and multi-family applications and can easily be applied pre or post drywall (sheetrock). It will adhere to a variety of building materials found in a home such as drywall, lumber (treated and untreated), metal, OSB, etc.

Offset Your Construction Costs With Mass Save® Incentives

There are utility sponsored (Mass Save®) incentive programs that encourage builders and homeowners to do a better job of air sealing. Since AeroBarrier tightens the building envelope, a major component of the incentive calculations, many projects using AeroBarrier are eligible for incentives.

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