How much does AeroBarrier cost?

There are many factors which go into the pricing of AeroBarrier and every dealer/installer is an independent entity with their own pricing structure.  Here at New England Air Barrier, we generally price each project individually based on the project specifications and requirements. Apart from the below factors, volume of work will also reduce the costs.

Our technicians prepare the space and run preliminary blower door tests to identify the initial leakage rates, see our article in Fine Homebuilding Magazine for a detailed example of our process. We split the preparation and seal phases over two days, this allows us to consistently meet expectations.  We are also shutting down your jobsite for fewer hours, saving time on your schedule.  Typical installation times are about 1.5 days for houses under 4000 square feet.

Every time we seal a structure, we pay a license fee to the manufacturer and buy sealant.  This license fee is based on the square footage of the home.  The sealant used on a project is a variable that is influenced by the leakage target, the volume of the home, the exterior surface area, quality of construction, temperature delta between inside/outside, and the relative humidity delta between inside/outside.

While we can estimate the sealant usage based on past experience, the actual sealant usage is unknown at the time of proposal. There are many ways to handle the variables in pricing.  Some dealers have a flexible pricing schedule based on sealant usage and/or leakage rates.  We have a fixed price that is informed by our experience, we don’t feel that flexible or variable pricing is fair because the end costs are unknown until the seal is completed.  We need your plans and specifications for a firm quote but average pricing is approximately $1.50 per square foot.

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