AeroBarrier Technology Featured On This Old House

On January 3, 2019, This Old House Episode 1708/3808 entitled “Air Tight House” featured the AeroBarrier technology being used to seal the building envelope of a century-old New England cottage. Replacing a myriad of traditional sealing methods with a single-step application, the AeroBarrier technology helped builders quickly and cost-effectively meet the ultra-high efficiency requirements needed to qualify the renovated home for net-zero certification.

“When it comes to indoor comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency, few things, if any, have a greater impact on homes and apartment buildings than a tight building envelope,” said Ken Summers, principal of Comfort Institute, an international home performance research and training organization. “This episode looks at a new approach to envelope sealing that could make high-performance buildings much more affordable and change the very way homes are being built.

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